The Security of Paulingston


Paulingston is the strongest nation in Aucklexia. It is a very secure yet peaceful nation. To ensure safety from the attacks of our enemies, Paulingston maintains a great Military Force. The Military Force is headed by Dr. Bahir Zaman. 

The Army of Paulingston

Paulingston has a very strong and brave army headed by Dr. Omkar Roy. 

Paulingston keeps the army well-funded so as to keep the nation secure. Paulingston ensures that the army is armed with the best and the most advanced weapons and armoury. The army of Paulingston is the strongest military force in all of Aucklexia. It is armed with weapons including a regular hand-gun/pistol, MH-14 rifle, AK-47 rifle, shot-guns and machine guns. 

It even has an E.M.P. An EMP stands for Electro-Magnetic Pulse. It can short-circuit or disconnect any electrical appliance in a region.The army also has tasers which kill other enemy soldiers in seconds. The armour worn by the army is strong, sturdy and enables various features like launching missiles and helps in commununicating with fellow soldiers. The army also has a big and sturdy tank that launches cannon-balls. These cannon-balls can reach very far distances.

The Navy of Paulingston

 Paulingston has a very strong and secure navy. They are well-funded and protects Paulingston from attacks in the seas and oceans that surrounds Paulingston.The Navy of Paulingston is headed by Dr. Ojas Hank. The navy has the state-of-the-art weapons and armour. Some of the weapons owned by the navy are Laser-Guns strong enough to be one-shot-kill weapons and the Hammer-Head Machine Guns. The navy is also equipped with sturdy shields. The navy has big ships that are armed and loaded with weapons. The navy also has big submarines with missiles and propellors that help in moving quickly and swiftly underwater. The armour worn by the navy is strong and water-proof.  

The Air-Force of Paulingston

Paulingston has a strong and well-equipped Air-Force to defend the air-space of Paulingston. It is headed by Dr. Simon Lee. The well-equipped Air-Force has numerous weapons like A.W.P. (Sniper Gun), Missiles, Rocket Launcher and Grappling-Guns. It also has Para-Gliders. Para-Gliders are Parachutes that can be steered. The Air-Force of Paulingston has a strong and big military-jets and fighter-planes. The armour is strong but light-weight.  

The Police of Paulingston

Paulingston has a very strong and efficient police force. All highly trained police officers are specialized to take action on any crime taking place in any corner of Paulingston. The police is headed by Dr. Sam Grogan. The police officers are graded according to their rank. 

Some of the ranks from lowest to highest are: Constable, Sub-Inspector, Inspector, Sub-Commissioner, Commissioner and Inspector General.

The Prisons of Paulingston

The prisons are looked after by strong and strict wardens, supervised by a head-warden. The head-wardens report to Dr. Rick Moe, who carries out the needful. 

There are many types of prisons according to their security like the Local Prison, District Prison, Main Prison, Central Jail and Maximum-Security Prison. 


Paulingston's Courts of Law

"No citizen shall be deprived of any rights due to discrimination and impartiallity or by unfair means. All violators can and will be punished by the Courts of Law."-Section 74: Verse 143 of the 'Commitment to Peace Constitution of Paulingston. 

There are various levels of the Courts of Law: The Local Court, District Court, State Court, High Court and National Court. 

The Judges of the National Court are appointed by the President of Paulingston. All judges and lawyers have to write the JLP (Judicial Law Preparative) Exam. 

The Head Judge of the National Court is Dr. Dari Hilman

The Specialized Agents of Paulingston (SAP)

The Crime-Investigating Detectives (CIDs) of Paulingston are officially known as the Specialized Agents of Paulingston (SAP). There are many instances in which the Courts of Law fail to deliver true justice. So, the SAP keep an eye on the suspects. The SAP wear ordinary clothes and drive ordinary cars, but are always vigilant. They have identity cards to identify them. They take on dangerous cases where the police forces are stretched thin. The Head Agent is Dr. Kahm Pai. 

The Patrols of Paulingston

Paulingston has a section of trained officers caleld 'patrols'. These officers are in charge of small, minor and venial cases. They move around the city watching out for any sort of crime. They ensure that law and order is maintained throughout the city. If they find a problem they can't handle, the police forces directly intervene. The patrols are headed by Dr. Rhyann Kay.  

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