The History of Paulingston

King James III...

Paulingston is a vast nation. But it was not discovered and recognized as a nation until 1402. An Australian King was sailing through the ocean looking for places to conquer. A barren land was found and trade was established. Trade partners came to know more about their mysterious trader. Wars took place and after many years, Paulingston became a democracy. 

The Discovery of Paulingston

The discovery of Paulingston happened because the ruler of Australia, King James III, was a very ambitious ruler. He wanted to conquer more nations. It was then, he understood that a continent called Asia was lying in the north of Australia. So, in 1402, he voyaged to find Asia. But, while sailing across the Southern Ocean, a massive storm hit and threw them off-course. King James III and his companions got washed on the shores of Kryph, a neighbour of Paulingston. In those days, Aucklexia was one continent, without any countries. Aucklexia was later divided into many countries. King James III saw that there were no rulers ruling Aucklexia. Thinking he was in Asia, he settled there and crowned himself king. He gave the name 'Aucklexia' meaning 'merciful shore'. He gave this name remembering how the shore saved his life from drowning in the ocean. The official language used was 'Aucklexese', a blend of Arabic, Mandarin and Vietnamese. 

The Invasion of Paulingston

King James III was strengthening his rule in Aucklexia. In 1408, King James III died. King James IV tried to return to Australia. He appointed his son, Prince James V as the king of Aucklexia, until he returned from Australia. So, King James V started ruling Aucklexia. But, when King James IV reached Australia, he realized that Australia was under attack by the Mongolian tribes of China. King James IV was captured and imprisoned. There he was forced to tell about Aucklexia. He died in 1417 in prison. 

The Battle of Joarchim

By that time, King James V understood that his father is dead and the  Mongolian tribes of China are coming to conquer Aucklexia.  So he set up his army and tried to stop the Mongolian tribes of China. Knowing that they were coming by water, they set up a huge army at Joarchim (now in Obristan, Paulingston). But the latter came and defeated King James V in 'The Battle of Joarchim'.

The Khanj Dynasty

In the Battle of Joarchim in 1424, King James V was defeated by King Fong Din Khanj. Then, King Fong Din Khanj established the 'The Khanj Dynasty'. The Khanj rulers belonged to a warrior clan. King Fong Din Khanj saw how weak and poorly-armed Aucklexians were. So, he established a military administration. He encouraged joining the army and built forts in various areas (especially coastal areas) to see if any attacks are taking place.  

Emperor Obri Shah Khanj

King Fong Din Khanj died in 1440. His sons and successors ruled Aucklexia. They ensured security in all parts of Aucklexia. Many years later, a descendant of  King Fong Din Khanj, gained power in 1476. Historians regard him as the most powerful and wealthiest Khanj ruler. He was King Obri Shah Khanj. King Obri Shah Khanj is the most important Khanj ruler. He defended Aucklexia from various invasions and attacks and plundered his enemies. He looted and raided their entire wealth and became rich and powerful. He roamed around Aucklexia and studied its geography. From his understanding, he drafted an approximate map of Aucklexia. He divided his empire into states and made the city of 'Empher' meaning 'great city', the capital of Aucklexia. The state in which Empher was lying, became known as 'Obristan' named after King Obri Shah Khanj. Then, he built forts and palaces and appointed minor kings under him to look after each state. Thus, a centralized administration was established. King Obri Shah Khanj later took the title of 'Emperor'. In 1480, papyrus (a writing material like paper) was invented. It was used to write. Before the invention of papyrus, writings were carved on the bark of trees. We can learn a lot about this great rulur from his autobiography, Obri-Shahihath Tilak, (the life of Obri Shah) which was written by a courtier, Abdul Fazil. Writing autobiographies became a common practice of his successors. The greatest Khanj ruler, King Obri Shah Khanj, died in 1498. His son, King Firzah Khanj, ruled Aucklexia.

King Arthur's sword, Seleliticus.

Paulingston's Second Invasion

During the reign of Emperor Firzah Khanj, son of the legendary Emperor Obri Shah Khanj, the 'Grevesian' meaning 'Memorial of the Great' was built in honor of the Great Emperor Obri Shah Khanj. This historical monument was built in 1500 in Empher. The rule of Emperor Firzah Khanj started weakening. This was because of his lack of efficiency. Emperor Firzah Khanj was a very weak ruler. This lead to a number of revolts. The most famous revolt was 'The Siege at Phalanx'. Phalanx was a beautiful city in Obristan. A palace named 'The Phalanx Palace' was built. This palace was burnt down by the people. The autobiography of Emperor Firzah Shah was the Firzahihath Tilak (the life of Firzah). The Spanish from Spain used this opportunity to invade and seize Aucklexia. They couldn't do this when Emperor Obri Shah Khanj ruled. The British came and defeated the unprepared king. The king fought till his last breath in 'The Battle of Vornode' in 1503. Vornode (the capital of present-day Star Islands) is a coastal city of an island. In this battle, King Henry IV of Castille emerged victorious over Emperor Firzah Khanj. King Henry IV won because he used guns and cannons with gunpowder, which had never been used in Aucklexia. 

The Rule of The Castilles

After the Battle of Vornode, King Henry IV created 'The Castille Dynasty'' named after his kingdom. The Aucklexian Empire was so large, he decided to settle there. The Castille rulers developed battle strategies and encouraged the use of gunpowder. King Henry IV of Castille realized that Aucklexia was poorly-developed. So, he decided to increase the welfare of the people. He established law and order. He introduced the idea of currency to his people. Untli his reign, the people used the barter system.  

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