The Governance of Paulingston


General Elections

According to the constitution, 'The Commitment to Peace', the leaders are elected through the process of elections. Paulingston follows the democratic system of governance. Read the 'HISTORY' section of the site to know how Paulingston was turned into a battleground due to the struggle for power between monarchs and dictators before the official establishment of the constitution of Paulingston known as the 'Commitment to Peace'. Thus the people has power over Paulingston as they elect their leaders. The first ever election took place in 24th July, 2006. 

Multi-Party System

Since Paulingston follows a multi-party system, there are many parties from which people can elect. Each and every political party in Paulingston should represent a solution to a particular problem and should have an election symbol. But the two most competetive parties are: 'The Federal Association Party (FAP)' and 'The United Alliances Party (UAP)'. The election symbol of The Federal Association Party is two fingers. They stand up for peace and unity. The election symbol of The United Alliance Party is a horse that aims to make Paulingston advanced, creative and secure. In the first General Election of Paulingston (24th July, 2006), The Federal Association Party (FAP) won by 1,296 votes. The candidate representing FAP was Dr. Jim Paul, a descendant of King Paul III. Dr. Jim Paul is the first President of Paulingston. The first Prime Minister of Paulingston was Dr. Michael Lee, who is known to be a descendant of King Solomon III. Though his ancient forefather was the cruellest dictator in the history of Paulingston, he established several reforms and made Paulingston a better nation. 

Finacial Administration

The major source of income to the government is from the people in the form of taxes. People pay various taxes to keep the government well-funded. The Department of Information allows the people to know if the government has misused or well-spent the taxes collected from the people. Some of the taxes people pay are: Service and Item Tax (SIT), Salary Tax (not applicable for government jobs), Gold Tax, Buy/Sell Tax, Property Tax, Cattle Tax, Illegal Tax (Purchase of Tobaco, Alcohol, Cigarretes etc) and Fine Tax. The Commitment To Peace states that the taxes must be spent in the folloiwng order: 75% for welfare works, 20% for salary for government jobs and 5% for miscellanious purposes. If the government plans to use it another manner, it must gain approval from the National Courts of Law of Paulingston. 

Economic Suppport

The Ministry of Economy has released banks to help the people's and the government's financial troubles. There are many levels. The Local Bank is the lowest level. The District Bank is the 2nd level and The State Bank is the 3rd level. The Reserve Bank of Paulingston is the highest level. In all banks, you can open various accounts. To identify an account holder, he will be entrusted to an 'Albani Card'. 'Albani' means 'Member' in Aucklexese. The Reserve Bank of Paulingston supplies currency notes to all banks of Paulingston. To open account, he/she must be atleast 15 years of age. He/she must be a citizen of Paulingston. He/she must have a permanent residence in Paulingston and should not be condemned a criminal by the Courts of Law. When they open a fixed deposit, after 2 years they get their money back with 10% interest. The money is used as funds for the government to organize something. 

Government Jobs

All government workers recieve 200% of their salary when they start their career. All retired government officials recieve 25% of their salary every month as pension. 50% of the seats are reserved for the backward classes of the society. Most government facilities are free. If a person wants to learn the functioning of the government, they can clear their doubts at a 24-hour help-desk. After every 10 years, the salary of every government official will be taken for reconsideration. It may/may not change. After every 2 years, a census of the whole country will be taken. According to the 2018 census report, Paulingston has 1.5 million residents. According to the United Nations (UN), Paulingston ranks 10th in the 'World's Happiest Country (WHC)' report. Paulingston is economically stable as it has 100 trillion+ Paulingston Pounds (P).The Paulingston Pound (P) has the 15th highest value in the world. 

Making Laws

Making laws are not easy. If the people feel a new law should be created, then they should cunsult the 24-hour help-desk. The elected members will discuss the topic in meetings. If they agree, then they should submit the draft to the people. If the people approve, it should be sent to the president. After the president signs the draft, it can be submitted to the National Court.If the Head-Judge approves, then it becomes a law.

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