The Development of Paulingston


Paulingston is a well-developed fictional country in Aucklexia. The government of Paulingston cares for the welfare and the development of the citizens of the country. Some of its developed features are as follows: 

Paulingston Metro Sevices (PMS)

Paulingston has a 24-hour metro service called 'Paulingston Metro Services' or 'PMS'. PMS was launched in 2007 by the 'Paulingston Travel Organization' or 'PTO'. This metro connects the most iconic locations of Paulingston. For each stop you pass, you pay just P 0.50. To access the metro service, you need a PMS Card. This PMS Card stores your money. It has too be regularly recharged. There are many types of PMS Cards. The Standard PMS Card (P 50) is the regular PMS Card. The Silver PMS Card (P 100) reduces the fare from P 0.50 to P 0.25. The Gold PMS Card (P 500) allows you to access a lounge in the metro, so you won't have to stand in the crowded metro. The Platinum PMS Card (P 1,000) reduces the fare and allows you to access the lounge.

Paulingston Air Travel Authorities (PATA)

If you want to explore other countries with ease, go ahead! The 'Paulingston Air Travel Authorities' or 'PATA' was launched in 2009 by the Paulingston Transport Organization (PTO). It has many airlines,. Airlines are categorized into three: State Airlines (Eg. Haffordshire Airways), National Airlines (Eg. Air Paulingston) and International Airlines (Eg. Cathay Pacific). 

National Theatres of Paulingston (NTP)

A little bit of entertainment is always fun. Many theatres have been established across the country under the name 'National Theaters of Paulingston' or 'NTP'. This was launched by the government in 2008. Some trending movies are: League of Gwongdore; A superhero film based on how a few friends became superheroes and protect the mystical city, Gwongdore, from all enemies. Strange Men; A man borrowed $1,000,000,000 from a miser, but couldn't pay him back. So, the miser went in search of him and realized he fled to Vietnam. So, funny adventures takes the miser all over Vietnam in search of the man, but will he find him? Spicy Tomatoes; Bill's dream job is to be a cook. But, he just doesn't have the skill. He opens a restaurant. He realizes the only way to keep this business running is to win the 'Best Cook Award'. But, in order to win it, he has to prove his skill. 

National Library of Paulingston (NLP)

If you're bored and just don't know what to do, then hop in and head over to the 'National Library of Paulingston' or 'NLP' and grab yourself a book. The 

National Library of Paulingston has all types of books and genres. The National Library of Paulingston has over 1,000,000,000 different books. If you want to take a book home, then you have to register and get yourself an NLP Membership Card for just P 200. Various events also take place in the library. The NLP Membership Card allows you to take part in it and win prizes and rewards. Some events are: Name that book, Guess the character, Name the famous author, Word-Chain and Rap Battle. 

Department of Electricity and Water of Paulingston (DEWP)

Welcome to the 'Department of Electricity and Water of Paulingston' or 'DEWP', where we ensure that all citizens get proper access to electricity and water. The logo of DEWP is a thunderbolt in a water droplet. The DEWP has a large network of pipes.  If there is any water leakage or electricity problems, call +100 776 1004. The charge of repair will be added to your electricity and water bill. Electricity and water bills should be paid online in due time. 

Logo of the Paulingston Fire Security (PFS)...

Paulingston Fire Security (PFS)

Accidential fires are a common cause for mass death. Paulingston helps prevent this by alerting its citizens there is a fire nearby by installing smoke detectors in every house. In case, if the fires are dangerous, then don't hesitate to call the 'Paulingston Fire Security' or 'PFS' by dialling 110. The logo of PFS is a shield with a flame in it. Fire Stations are available in all parts of Paulingston, especially in residential areas. The fire engines are also fast vehicles so that it can reach the fire-affected areas, quickly. 


Paulingston #1 search engine is Harper. Harper's slogan is: 'When it comes to a knowledge test, we know Harper is the best!' Although Paulingston aims to promote Harper, it doesen't mean that and other search engines are banned. This browser also has a video channel (like YouTube) called 'Streamper' and an e-mail system (like G-mail) called 'Mailper'. Harper is widely used in Paulingston. 

Sen Plus

Paulingston has a phone company which is leading in Paulingston. It is 'Sen Plus' named after its founder, Mr. Sen Carlson. The latest Sen Plus phone is the 'Sen+ 360 Max'. It is a smartphone with a touchscreen and is foldable. It also has a long-lasting battery. Apart from selling smartphones, it also sells sims that can be used in Paulingston. 

Paulingston Aeronautics and Research Centre (PARC)

A group of scientists with the best brains in Paulingston help in conducting experiments and discover new ideas in the 'Paulingston Aeronautics and Research Centre' or 'PARC'. It helped in developing a rocket, Explorer-II, with the astronaut, Dr. Bang Kilmer. He was able to travel to as far as Mars! The first ever satellite in orbit launched by Paulingston is SpaceSat-III. A perpetual machine is a machine that can keep producing an output without recharging the machine forever. It is not yet created by anyone in the world but, the scientist, Dr. Hector Yang, and his team, The Hector's Scientific Association Team (HSAT), believe they made a breakthough in the case. Their theory states that magnetism created with electric current is elecro-magnetism. So, if we reverse this process, we could get a perpetual machine. This theory is still being tested and results are not yielded yet.


Paulingston has its very own automobiles company called 'Taiban' named after its founder, Mr. Phil Taiban. It makes electric and hybrid cars and bikes. It also auctions some of its premium model cars. Recently, it auctioned the Taiban 'Nostalgia' Edition for P 75,000,000,000. Some of Taiban's latest models are: Taiban Model X Xtreme, Taiban Model S Magikruiser and Taiban Model R Off-Roader. 

Morgan Races Championship (MRC)

Renowed chess grandmaster, Mr. Jimmy Morgan, decided to try something more. He was inspired by Paulingston's 'Master of Racing', Dr. Mario Kowalski, and joined racing under his leadership. As soon as Morgan started his racing career, Mario recognized his talent. Morgan aced through all ROP (Races Of Paulingston) Championships. Morgan built excellent racecars and earned his fame in the 1982 ROP Grand Prix. Paulingston honours this racing legend by hoisting the Morgan Races Championship (MRC). The entry fee is P 50. 

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